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What is the API?

We are the first association of investigative journalists in Spain, ‘Asociación de Periodistas de Investigación (API)’. We are professionals of different media and ideologies with a common need: put into practice a public service investigative journalism that serves to ‘lift the carpets’ of power and to awaken people’s consciences.

Somos la primera Asociación de Periodistas de Investigación de España y estamos reconocidos por la FAPE. Somos profesionales de diferentes medios e ideologías con una necesidad común: poner en práctica un periodismo investigativo de servicio público que sirva para levantar las alfombras del poder y remueva conciencias.

What we do?

We encourage and make visible the techniques of investigative journalism with the aim of promoting the highest professional and deontological standards in the exercise of our profession.

We want to strengthen the links between journalism and new technologies, to apply them to our research.

We want to spread what our trade has taught us and be a meeting point to share knowledge, sources, ideas, advice and projects.

Can I join to the API?

Are you a journalist, programmer, designer or do you simply want to promote investigative journalism in Spain? Get in touch with us and we’ll explain how you can become a member of the API:


What if I’m a student?

In the API there is also room for you. If you are studying a journalism or a master’s degree and you are interested in research, write us and we will explain the requirements and conditions to be part of the association.

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